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The Wholesale Formula Reviews:
Is Dan Meadors Course Legit?

Looking for an Amazon FBA course? Read our The Wholesale Formula review by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost to see if it's worth the hype.

As an aspiring wholesale entrepreneur, I was eager to learn more about The Wholesale Formula and its founder, Dan Meadors. With over 6,500 enrollees and a billion dollars in collective earnings, the course's success is undeniable. However, with a price tag of almost $3,000 and the reliance on Amazon as a middleman, I was curious if the course was still worth the investment in 2023.

In this article, I will provide an objective review of The Wholesale Formula in 2023 to determine if it is still a legitimate and valuable investment for aspiring entrepreneurs. We will examine its business concept, course content, bonuses included, enrollment process and cost, success stories from former students, potential risks involved with the business model taught by the course material as well as their refund policy.

By analyzing these factors together we can create an unbiased review that provides prospective customers with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding whether or not this program is right for them.

Business Concept

TWF's exclusive business concept, 'Reverse Sourcing Wholesale,' involves bypassing distributors and purchasing goods directly from the manufacturer. This approach allows entrepreneurs to purchase items at a lower cost and sell them for a profit on Amazon. By eliminating middlemen, sellers can increase their margins and compete with other retailers.

The course consists of five modules and more than 90 in-depth videos that cover topics such as product analysis, scouting, value propositions, sourcing, and scaling. TWF's founders claim that over 6,500 individuals have enrolled in their program, and their pupils have collectively earned over a billion dollars via Amazon Wholesale. The formula includes six modules that enrollees have access to forever once they enroll in the course.

While some may find the $3,000 price tag expensive for an online course, many believe it is worth the investment due to its potential for high returns. The Wholesale Formula promises to teach enrollees how to find suppliers consistently and keep a business running smoothly on Amazon.

Overall, TWF's business concept has proven successful for both its founders and its alumni who've reported doubling their personal income within six months of taking the course.

Course Content

With over 90 in-depth videos and five comprehensive modules, The Wholesale Formula offers enrollees a wealth of knowledge on various aspects of the wholesale business.

From product analysis and scouting to sourcing, value propositions, and scaling, the course covers all essential topics that are crucial for success in Amazon wholesale.

The videos are designed to be interactive and engaging, providing learners with practical tips and strategies they can implement right away.

Additionally, students have access to a Facebook community exclusively for TWF alumni where they can connect with like-minded individuals who have already gone through the program.

Overall, The Wholesale Formula's course content is well-structured and comprehensive.

Enrollees can expect to gain valuable insights into how to find reliable suppliers, expand their product range, improve sales performance, and ultimately build a profitable Amazon wholesale business.

Bonuses Included

Enrollees of The Wholesale Formula can take advantage of several bonuses that come with the course. One such bonus is access to VA Launchpad, which teaches enrollees how to find and hire virtual assistants for their business. This can be a significant advantage as it allows business owners to delegate tasks and focus on scaling their business.

Another bonus is membership in the Facebook community for TWF alumni. This provides networking opportunities with other successful Amazon wholesale sellers, allowing enrollees to learn from others' experiences and share their own knowledge. It also gives them access to exclusive content and updates from the founders.

Enrollees can benefit from unique discounts worth $3,000 when they enroll in The Wholesale Formula course. These discounts include deals on various software tools that are useful for running an Amazon wholesale business.

While these bonuses may not be necessary for success in this field, they do provide added value to those who choose to enroll in the course.

Enrollment and Cost

If you're considering signing up for The Wholesale Formula, it's important to know that enrollment is only open once a year and the cost of the course is nearly $3,000 upfront.

While this may seem like a steep price to pay for an online course, many students have reported that they were able to recoup their investment within just a few months of completing the program.

One of the benefits of paying for The Wholesale Formula upfront is that you'll have access to all six modules forever. This means that you can refer back to the material whenever you need a refresher on sourcing or scaling your business.

Additionally, enrollees receive bonuses such as membership in an alumni Facebook community and $3,000 in unique discounts.

It's worth noting that while The Wholesale Formula may be expensive compared to other online courses, its creators Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost have built a billion-dollar business using these very same strategies.

If you're serious about building a successful wholesale business on Amazon, investing in their expertise could be well worth it in the long run.

Success Stories

You'll be inspired by the incredible success stories of The Wholesale Formula alumni, who've reported doubling their personal income within just six months of completing the program.

Here are some notable achievements:

  • One graduate went from earning $60,000 annually to making over $300,000 in a year.

  • Another student was able to quit his job and focus solely on his Amazon wholesale business after following TWF's principles.

  • A third alumna was able to pay off her mortgage in just two years using profits from her wholesale business.

  • These success stories demonstrate that The Wholesale Formula isn't a scam but a legitimate course that can help individuals achieve financial stability and even prosperity.

    Of course, it requires hard work and dedication, as well as an initial investment of almost $3,000 for the program.

    However, these costs seem reasonable compared to the potential earnings one can make through Amazon wholesale.

    By following TWF's strategies for scouting, sourcing, and scaling products effectively, graduates have been able to build successful businesses with hundreds of different items available for sale consistently.

    Overall, the positive outcomes speak volumes about Dan Meadors' course and its ability to change lives for the better.

    Potential Risks

    While success stories of The Wholesale Formula are encouraging, potential risks must also be considered before enrolling in the course.

    One of these risks is the heavy reliance on Amazon as a middleman and logistic support. While Amazon has been a reliable platform for many businesses, it's not immune to policy changes that could affect wholesale operations.

    Another risk to consider is the high cost of enrollment, which can be almost $3,000 when paid upfront. While some may argue that this cost is worth it for the knowledge and resources provided by TWF, others may find it too steep of an investment. Additionally, there are currently no discounts available for TWF at the time of writing this review.

    Lastly, while reviews from TWF alumni have been overwhelmingly positive, there are limited customer reviews available due to the exclusivity of the course. It's important to thoroughly research and consider all potential risks before making such a significant investment in a business course like The Wholesale Formula.

    Refund Policy

    So, you're considering enrolling in The Wholesale Formula but want to know more about their refund policy? Well, the good news is that TWF offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for their program.

    This means that if you're not satisfied with the course within the first month of enrollment, you can request a full refund. It's important to note that TWF believes in their product and has confidence in its ability to help students succeed. However, they understand that not every student may find it suitable for their needs.

    That's why they offer this refund policy as a safety net for those who feel like the course did not meet their expectations. The Wholesale Formula's refund policy seems fair and reasonable. It gives potential enrollees some peace of mind knowing that they have an opportunity to try out the course risk-free for the first month.

    Of course, we recommend doing your due diligence before enrolling in any program to ensure it aligns with your goals and needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Wholesale Formula?

    The Wholesale Formula (TWF) is a system developed by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost that teaches people how to start and grow a wholesale business on Amazon. It uses a specific approach called reverse sourcing wholesale, which involves working directly with brand owners to get access to sell their product on Amazon.

    How does the reverse sourcing wholesale model work?

    Reverse sourcing wholesale is about identifying a profitable product already selling on Amazon and then reaching out to the brand owner to establish a wholesale account. Rather using traditional methods, you focus on selling products that already have proven demand and revenue on Amazon.

    How much does the wholesale formula cost?

    The price of the wholesale formula course may vary based on any promotions or incentives offered at the time of enrollment. It's best to check the official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

    Who created the Wholesale Formula?

    The Wholesale Formula was created by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. They started as Amazon sellers themselves before developing a successful wholesale strategy. They created the course to teach others how to replicate their success with Amazon FBA.

    Is the Wholesale Formula worth it?

    Reviews indicate that the Wholesale Formula is a comprehensive course with actionable strategies and practical guidance for setting up an Amazon wholesale business. However, like any business venture, success depends on individual effort, hard work, and dedication.

    What are the pros and cons of the Wholesale Formula?

    The pros of the Wholesale Formula include comprehensive training modules, a supportive community, and proven business model. Some cons might include the cost of enrollment, time investment, and the necessity of doing your own product research and sourcing.

    How much money can you make with the Wholesale Formula?

    Profit potential varies greatly, as it depends on factors like the products you choose, the terms you negotiate with your suppliers, and your operational efficiency. However, many students of the Wholesale Formula have reported successful and profitable Amazon businesses.

    Does the Wholesale Formula work for Amazon sellers outside of the US?

    Yes, the strategies taught in the Wholesale Formula can be applied in any Amazon marketplace, not just the US. However, it's important to understand the individual marketplace rules and regulations before starting to sell.

    What bonuses are included in the Wholesale Formula course?

    The wholesale formula bonuses often include a variety of additional resources like webinars, tools, and strategies to enhance the learning experience and offer additional guidance. The specific bonuses offered may vary based on promotions and enrollment periods and it's best to check on their official site for the latest offerings.

    How is the experience inside the Wholesale Formula Course?

    The experience inside the Wholesale Formula course is generally seen as positive, based on course reviews. The course is often described as comprehensive and thorough, with the creators providing in-depth tutorial videos and resources. In addition, there's also a supportive community of TWF students, where one can discuss strategies, difficulties, and success stories.


    In conclusion, after analyzing The Wholesale Formula in 2023, it can be said that Dan Meadors' course is still a legitimate and valuable investment for aspiring wholesale entrepreneurs.

    The business concept of 'Reverse Sourcing Wholesale' remains unique and effective in navigating the Amazon marketplace. The course content is comprehensive and well-structured, covering all aspects of building a successful wholesale business.

    Moreover, the bonuses included in the course add value to the overall package, making it a worthwhile investment for individuals looking to start their own business. However, potential risks such as reliance on Amazon as a middleman should be considered before enrolling in the course.

    Nevertheless, with over 6,500 enrollees and a billion dollars in collective earnings from success stories, The Wholesale Formula's track record speaks for itself. Overall, if one is willing to invest time and effort into building their wholesale business with guidance from The Wholesale Formula, it can undoubtedly lead to success.